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Full Partner Business Services Solution:

Combining Enterprise Level CMS Features with the Application Service Provider Model

Full Partner has developed a cutting-edge Content Management System (CMS) that matches the features and benefits of other vendors’ high-end solutions that can cost $50,000 to $500,000 or more for a company to purchase and install. On the basis of its CMS system, Full Partner can offer a growing range of web-based business services, all managed through Full Partner’s unique browser-based, graphical administrative tools that make it easier to perform a variety of integrated tasks, including:

  • Create and manage a powerful web site infrastructure, including navigation, look and feel templates, web pages, content and graphics, in multiple languages and currencies.
  • Develop product catalogs and an ecommerce system that attracts and keeps buyers, including shopping carts and merchant account support.
  • Catalog, store and deliver through the internet traditional content such as Microsoft Office files
  • Allow non-technical staff to manage web site content from creation to deployment.
  • Access intranet collaborative Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services such as calendars, tasks, contacts, and orders.
  • Manage customer support online, with support case creation, escalation, tracking and resolution.
  • Web marketing facilities, including email campaigns with results tracking, online contests and affiliate programs that reward others for driving traffic to a web site.
  • Build Internet, intranet and extranet sites using the same tools.
  • Syndicate content from other providers or make its content available for syndication by other businesses.
  • Maintain tight security and control over all web site content and transactions.
  • Offer community building features such as newsletters, chats and discussion forums.
  • Track user activities and preferences, personalizing content to each individual user.
  • Reduce or eliminate expensive technical staff required to support an Internet presence.
  • ...and do this at 10-20% of the time and cost of purchasing and installing a comparable CMS system on their own.

Full Partner’s CMS solution is able to deliver these time and cost savings because the technology has been developed from the beginning to be offered in a hosted Application Service Provider mode outlined in the previous section. Built on dbcObjects™, Full Partner’s own object based programming methodology, this CMS solution can support hundreds or even thousands of individual client applications efficiently on a clustered platform of load-balanced, redundant, secure web and database servers. Full Partner ofers the security, reliability and performance of a dedicated hardware and software system, but at a much lower price because the costs are shared across many clients at the same time.

Deployment for a new client site is simple and immediate due to the underlying ASP model in which the CMS System and Site Administrators remain on the ASP’s hosted servers. This eliminates the complicated and expensive installation procedure on the client’s servers, and avoids the necessity for the client to hire in-house experts on the software application and server network needed to support it.

Also, the system can immediately scale to handle whatever traffic load a client might need, because Full Partner maintains excess capacity on its system to handle its multiple clients.

If the client prefers, the Full Partner technology can also be installed on the client’s own in-house servers. They may choose to manage and support it internally, or may elect to have Full Partner or one of it’s ASP partner companies manage and support it remotely. However, we expect that the great majority of clients will take advantage of an ASP solution, either hosted by Full Partner or by one of its ASP partner companies.

Overall Architecture

The Full Partner Content Management Solution architecture is a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, focused on Internet and intranet applications. It provides powerful new functionality for secure, scalable Internet-based access and integration. This next generation architecture leverages a number of Internet technologies and concepts to deliver simple, ubiquitous enterprise content access to collaborate with customers, employees, and suppliers.

There is no complex, expensive client software installation. The client can be a web browser, mobile device, or external system using standard Internet technologies such as HTTP, HTML, and XML to communicate with the Full Partner Content Management Solution. Simple, open architecture creates easy, inexpensive access and collaboration where a web browser and device operating system cannot be predefined. This is often the case for customer and supplier environments.

People once considered browser based Internet applications to be designed for primarily the novice, self-service users, like those who use electronic storefronts. Today, users will find that the Full Partner browser based Site Administrator is formidable enough to meet rigorous business demands on a daily basis. Full Partner has provided an innovative user interface in its CMS architecture by leveraging standard Internet technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and web browser features.

Client/server implementations for a large end-user base are a major expense that an enterprise can do without. With Full Partner’s SaaS Solution, a company no longer needs to install, configure, and maintain software on expensive client devices. Hardware and software requirements for client devices have also been reduced due to the lack of costly hardware and operating system upgrades. Also, the Full Partner SaaS Solution requires less memory and CPU on the device when compared to client/server applications.

Some web access still occurs via low bandwidth connections of dial-up phone lines. Full Partner supports these connections through a server architecture that uses HTML and JavaScript, and makes minimal use of Java plug-ins, proprietary components, or other heavy footprint client software. For those with broadband connections, the experience is extremely smooth and page views are very fast. In addition, the network impact of deploying the Full Partner SaaS Solution is minimal, allowing companies to leverage their existing IT infrastructure.


The Full Partner Load-Balanced server cluster with multiple Java Virtual Machines automatically routes every user to the server that is operating at lowest capacity, thereby providing virtually any number of simultaneous users with access to the customer’s site seamlessly. Response time is maximized and our SaaS hosted sites will scale effortlessly.

Platform and Browser Independence

Any modern web browser can be used to access website constructed with the Full Partner SaaS Solution. The Full Partner Saas Solution Administrator application is optimized for all modern browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Customers, suppliers, and employees can utilize their existing computer configuration. This type of collaboration fuels the Virtual Enterprise. It also allows for growth and change from within through mergers and acquisitions with little concern about how the new organization will deploy applications.

Minimized Training

Training is also minimized for employees because the Full Partner Site Administrator looks and feels like popular websites. The Site Administrator utilizes the same web browser navigation already familiar to Internet users.

As the industry moves from client/server applications to pure Internet applications, many organizations are faced with the challenge of training their application developers in new Internet technologies, like Active Server Pages, ColdFusion, Java, HTML and XML. Full Partner clients need not worry about this ever-changing technology cycle because the programmers and technicians at Full Partner handle their entire content management system. Our clients can now focus on managing their business more strategically. If additional custom functionality is required by the client, Full Partner’s development team can add it more quickly and at a lower cost than the client’s in-house staff.

Major Architectural Features

  • Content is stored independently of the formatting and the formatting stored independently of the content - The former allows content to be repurposed — so that the same text or image can be used in a variety of places. The latter allows for instant site redesigns.
  • Content stored in an SQL database in native text format for rapid display in local server environments, and automatically exported as XML when accessed for syndication on outside servers.
  • In-Context Authoring Templates - Allow content contributors to build and contribute richly formatted content in easy-to-use templates without leaving the Web site.
  • Real-Time Content Updates - Enable content contributors to publish content directly onto development, staging or live production Web servers.
  • Revision Tracking and Page Archiving - As pages are updated, existing versions are automatically archived. Users can easily compare changes of previous work with existing pages.
  • Flexible Workflow - Multiple levels of approval ensure that content is always reviewed and approved before it goes live on the Web site.
  • Content Scheduling - Using automated scheduling tools, users can schedule content publication and archival times.
  • Extensible Object Properties - Create custom meta-data properties on content objects and allow users to profile content as it is being created.
  • Object Caching - Caching of content objects in RAM and on the disk ensure that dynamic page assembly and serving is fast.
  • Dynamic Page Assembly - Content objects and templates are assembled as pages are requested from the Web server.
  • Site Model Designer allows fast generation of the site pages and easy updating as well.
  • Dynamic Site Map - Site map and navigation are generated automatically as pages are published to the site.
  • Presentation Templates - Site design and layout are controlled by presentation templates, allowing for quick and cost-effective site redesigns.
  • Dynamic Template Switching - Using the Publishing API, presentation templates can be switched on the fly, changing the layout or design of the page in real-time.
  • Propagation of content across the site is simple with the Container System.
  • Object-Based Content Repository - Content is stored in Microsoft SQL Server™ as re-usable objects.
  • Connected Content Pages - Allows content to easily be published through multiple presentation templates to multiple locations or Web sites.
  • UNICODE Support - Support for multi-byte character sets means sites can be built in any of the world's major languages.
  • Language-Specific Content Targeting - Allow content contributors to target localized content objects to specific users based on individual language preferences.
  • Multilingual Site Support - Support for multiple languages within single Web sites.
  • The system is developed in ColdFusion with multiple Java Virtual Machines so that functionality can be easily extended and it will function on all major server platforms, including Microsoft, Unix and Linux.
    ColdFusion is in use at most of the Fortune 100 companies as well as most branches of the U.S. government. It is heavily utilized for Intranets and corporate applications behind the firewall and is an Enterprise solution for serious business. We use ColdFusion because is it robust, powerful and infinitely scaleable - the proper platform for large businesses that intend to grow and grow

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