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The Full Partner
Learning Management System Overview

Learning Management System


Full Partner's new Learning Management System (LMS) brings a new level of power and integration to the online learning marketplace.  Based on Full Partner's unique online business, ecommerce and website management platform, the Full Partner LMS allows its users to offer rich, multimedia-enhanced courses, complete with lessons, assignments, testing and grading.  Robust community facilities allow teachers and students to collaborate, communicate and share ideas, resources and discussions. 

Full Partner's LMS is also fully integrated with it's Events Management system, which offers online event registration and tools to manage virtual and in-person events.  With Full Partner, when you create an Event you can add online course facilities to it, so that every event can have its own online Classroom.  Here the Event leader can offer resources like audio and videos, links to important web sites, a forum for discussions among event participants, even a directory where event participants can opt to show their names and contact information, so they can keep in touch with other event participants during and after the event.  The event leader also choose to create full online lessons, assignments and tests to provide further value to the event itself.  For the first time, events can be online courses and online courses can be events!  This opens new doors for sharing of knowledge, enhancing students' experiences, and generating new revenue for event and course planners.

 Here are the main elements of the Full Partner Learning Management System:

  • Courses.  These can be defined by teachers and course leaders in a simple, browser-based interface.  Students can register and pay for courses through Full Partner's built-in ecommerce system, complete with payment plan options and even invoicing for course fees.
  • Lessons.  Every course can have one or more lessons.  These can be simple text and image presentations, or can include multimedia presentations. 
  • Assignments and Tests.  At the end of each lessons, the teacher can let the student just move to the next lesson, solicit feedback on the lesson, or require the student to complete and asssignment or take a test.  Upon completion, these can be automatically graded by the system, or a notice can be sent to the teacher for manual review and grading.
  • Resources.  A variety of learning tools can be presented in each course, either right form within a Lesson or in a general resources section:  multimedia, links, surveys and documents such as MS Word files, PDF's and Powerpoint presentations.
  • Communities.  Each course can have its own community facilities to connect students with teachers and with other students.  Live chats, a disucssion forum, inter-course email, announcements and a student directory all contribute to a sense of connection between participants.
  • Coordinated or Independent Learning.  Courses can be offered in a coordinated manner, where all students take the lessons at the same time in the same pace.  This is valuable especially for offering lessons that correspond to live events such as semainars and webinars.  Courses can also be taken independently, where each student goes through the course at their own pace and on their own schedule.  In either format, teachers are kept informed when students complete lessons, assignments and test, along with getting questions and feedback from students as they happen.
  • Self Registration and Self Enrollment.  Students can register themselves through Full Partner's build-in ecommerce system.  Courses can be free or paid.
  • Course roles.  Individuals can work with courses as Teachers, Teaching Assistants and/or Students. 
  • Online Classroom.  A simple to use online classroom presents available courses to each student, then allows them to take the courses and lessons they have registered for.  All the facilities for the course itself, along with the resources areas and community facilities are offered right in the classroom.  Also, unlike stand-alone non-integrated LMS solutions, the Full Partner LMS Classroom is a service that can be placed in any page of your Full Partner-hosted website.  Now your teachers and students can participate in coursework without having to leave your primary website.  If you do not choose to have your website hosted inside the Full Partner platform, the registration facilities and Classroom are presented in pages that can be easily customized to have the look and feel of your website.
  • Certifications.  The Full Partner LMS can automatically issue Certificates of Completion as students complete courses.
  • Full CRM Integration.  All information about participants in the LMS is stored in Full Partner's integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.  This system brings all your people - contacts, customers, event registratants, course participants, etc. into a unified database for ease of access.  No more jumping back and forth between disconnected, unsynchronised databases to try and track and manage all the people you interact with in your business.

Finally, the Full Partner Leaming Management System is affordable.  By rolling all your website, ecommerce, events registration and course management needs into one platform, the cost is a fraction of what you would pay for all these systems purchased separately from different vendors.  Besides, you'll save valuable time and hassle, supported by the great Full Partner support staff, who can advise and help you with every aspect of the system.

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