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Eye Benefits

Offering Savings on Vision Care for Over 20 Years

EyeBenefits’ Members are entitled to savings on routine eye exams, eye wear and contact lenses. The EyeBenefits’ Provider Network consists of thousands of retail locations across the country.

Jo Dunning Events

Jo Dunning is a most amazing and inspiring individual with profound gifts that assist others in transforming their lives. She has been featured on radio and television and is a favored speaker at conferences. Her gentle personality, caring style and deep wisdom combine with an inner radiance that has touched the hearts of many thousands and transformed their lives.




Established in Great Britain in 1920, the Women's International Zionist Organization (WIZO) is a nonprofit organization of members in over 50 countries working together to improve the lives of women, children and the elderly living in Israel. Next to the Israeli government, WIZO is the largest provider of social welfare services in the country.


We are a family owned business started by Dave and Barb Wetzel in 2000. Our business focus is to provide high-quality sacred-food oils just as they were made prior to the industrialized food and farming revolution.

Outrageous Business Growth - Source Communications

For over twenty years I've shown businesses worldwide how to accelerate their sales growth in any economy. That's right any economy...even in tough times. At this point your company might already be successful..but what if the economy takes a downward swing? Would a dip in the economy translate into a dip in your sales?

Doesn't matter whether you are a start up, a small or medium sized business or a large corporation there is a simple formula that shows you what it takes to accelerate your sales growth...no matter which way the economy is headed.

QSI, Incorporated

Spirituality Information for Seekers

"We each have something to share with the world that is uniquely ours -- that only we can give. It may be something similar to the gifts of others, but the way we make it our own, the way we present it to the world is uniquely ours." ~ Carolyn Wilson-Elliott

This is the idea behind co-creating. Bringing our Authentic Self out into the world and presenting the essence of who we are as a valued and integral part of the cosmos. Because the more we bring out our Authentic Self, the more we engage in a Purposeful Life, the more we impact and affect our families, our communities, our nation and the globe

Copywriting for Coaches

Are you ready to turn your copy into gold? If you dread selling, you've just found the perfect solution!

Copywriting For Coaches offers full service solutions to your marketing challenges

-- all designed to grow your bottom line.

Match Matrix

MatchMatrix: A New Way to Understand Relationships - With MatchMatrix you can now discover compatibility before you date. You can find a deeper more profound understanding of your mate, and you can have a closer relationship with your children.

Creating Wellness Alliance, LLC

Be Fit, Eat Right & Think Well

Temple Emmanu-el of Closter

Shalom and welcome to Temple Emanu-El’s web site. For more than 80 years, we've sustained an atmosphere of warmth and spirituality that brings families back from generation to generation. Like our Temple, we hope that you find this site inviting and resourceful. However, nothing can substitute for the warmth and magic of physically being part of our community. Whether studying in an adult education class, praying in one of our Shabbat services, attending a youth program or participating in a social program at the Temple, the spirit of Temple Emanu-El will make you feel closer to home and closer to God. We hope that this site brings you closer too.

Newfield Network

Where Does Personal Growth Begin?

If knowledge is seen as power, you may "know" a lot of things, but still search for what seems to be missing. What is true wisdom and how do you find it? How do you truly learn? Can you learn to live with gratitude, compassion, satisfaction, and joy at home, at work, and in the world?

Joey Klein Conscious Transformation

oey Klein teaches people to consciously transform their lives using the practices he developed and has used during years of study with gifted teachers from around the world.

This website contains information about Joey Klein, his background and teachings, including Conscious Transformation, Internal Energy Practice, meditation and the healing modality called Neshamah Healing. You can also learn about Joey's cadre of trained teachers, event offerings, community programming and upcoming events.

The Elemental Woman

Elemental Leadership is the calling to live in the full range of life, at a pace that feels easy, graceful and delightful. The pathway to personal mastery begins when you discover how to bring out and balance the unique feminine and masculine qualities of your leadership.

Mind Legacy

Morabeto Mind Legacy Associates, Inc. strives to provide the practicing professional in the fields of counseling, psychology, social work and education with the depth and breadth of the knowledge and skill they need to continue to empower, inspire and challenge their clients and students toward more rewarding and resourceful lives.

Chi Center

"If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do QiGong."

This was how Dr. Oz responded on November 1, 2007 during an interview with Oprah when he was asked out of all the health practices that one could do, what was the one practice that he would choose and recommend people practice to stay healthy. He added that Qigong reverses the aging process.

The Passion Test

The Passion Test is a simple, yet powerful way for anyone to discover what matters most to them in their life. When you consistently choose in favor of those things, your passions, you will find yourself filled with a sense of purpose.

Ann Allen

Ann earned a Masters Degree from San Francisco State University in Education and Holistic Health, and has been involved with the healing, wellness and counseling professions for over 25 years. Ann has taught Biofeedback certification classes as well as various levels of classes in different healing modalities.

Susan Bulkeley Butler

Become the CEO of You, Inc.

What do you have in common with a CEO?

More than you know! The same strategies used by a CEO to develop a company’s potential can be used to develop your own potential, embodying Susan’s motto, "Make things happen for you, don't just let them happen to you

Sai Maa Wellness Trust

Welcome to the Sai Maa Wellness Trust. The sole purpose of the Sai Maa Wellness Trust is to support and maintain the health and well being of Her Holiness Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi.


For more than thirty years, the principals of DecisionQuest have been retained in high risk, high-stakes litigation spanning a wide range of industries-more than 15,000 cases in all. From 12 offices and graphics studios, 120 DecisionQuest professionals assist trial teams and in-house counsel in all 50 states and in foreign jurisdictions.

Wherever your case stands now-whether you're assessing potential litigation or preparing your opening statement to a jury-we bring a fresh perspective that results in better-informed choices about strategies and tactics at every stage of the dispute-resolution process.

TWI - The Williams Institute

Ethics is, ultimately, about people and relationships, and taking personal responsibility for the choices we make. This is the foundation of TWI’s approach to education and training. It unlocks the transformative potential of ethical awareness and behavior.

Ace Tank and Equipment Co.

Our proprietary FuelSafe systems -- almost turnkey Ace was among the first tank suppliers to see the customer-value benefits to minimizing the on-site assembly of aboveground fueling systems. Our proprietary FuelSafe packages get our customers as close turnkey as possible. During the tank fabrication process, fill components, vents, gauges, lead indicators, pumps and/or dispensers are mounted and plumbed. Electrical wiring and conduit can also be installed.

Stillpoint Foundation

The Stillpoint Foundation was founded by Meredith Young-Sowers and Errol Sowers in September 2000 as a 501 C(3) non-profit educational foundation.

Our Purpose: To promote and develop spiritual growth materials, programs and related services that help all of us deepen our connection to The Source and Live with an Awakened Spirit in order to create greater peace and harmony within ourselves, our communities, and our world.

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