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Landing Pages


When Creating your sales funnel for your website, it is important to remember a few important points:

What is your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)?

  1. A UVP is an offer or a free tool that engages consumers in an interactive relationship with your website, such as a free download, or a coupon for a percentage off their next purchase
  2. What is the Call to Action (CTA)?
  3. A CTA is an action that is required of a consumer to move through your sales funnel and take action on your UVP.
  4. An example might be:
    • Get your Free Subscription with an email address
    • Sign up for your Free Ebook.

Creating a Landing Page/Sales Page

  • A Landing Page or a Sales Page is a specific page designated on your site that allows users to gain information about a specific offer or unique product. 
  • Landing pages create credibility for your company and message and Search Engines recognize Landing Pages and rank them higher. 
  • Keep in mind using testimonials for your Landing Pages creates a personal touch that draws viewers in closer to your message. 
  • Check out and example of one of our Landing Pages

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